To be a leader in the advancement and promotion of endurance sports in Northern Colorado.



To provide a supportive, educational and social community that unifies all endurance sport athletes in Northern Colorado, regardless of their age, ability or experience.



  • Respect for all athletes and those associated with endurance sports.

  • Empower our members to reach their goals, regardless of their age, ability or level of experience.

  • Promote fair, honest and equal standards during all endurance events within our community.

  • Ensure all endurance events are carried out in a way that is safe for all participants.

  • Ensure that we care for the environment in which we train and compete by using green standards.


Board of Directors.


Nancy Quick | President

Nancy has always been active but didn’t start doing triathlons until she was 50. Although most of her triathlons have been road sprints, she recently started doing X-terra’s and loves them! She is excited to share her passion for triathlons with newbie’s and to ensure that the Northern Colorado triathlon community remains vibrant and inclusive.

Diane Schultz.jpg

Diane Schultz | Vice President

Diane is originally from Illinois. Spent some time in Texas and Washington state before moving to Colorado in '97. She tells people, "too hot, too wet, just right!” She thoroughly enjoys living in CO and spends as much time outside as she can. Diane was a swimmer growing up and found sprint triathlons late in life and enjoys getting others involved as well (It’s never too late to start!). After getting into mountain biking, she’s also participated in the local Lory Xterra. Her other hobbies these days are volleyball and snow skiing, but she’s usually ready to try something new!

Kristen Goffena.jpg

Kirsten Goffena | Secretary

Kirsten is passionate about staying fit and healthy in the second half of her life. She first discovered Triathlon at age 48 and was immediately hooked; not just because multi-sport is so fun, but because the NoCo Tri community is so welcoming and vibrant. Kirsten has chosen to donate her time and energy to NoCoTri because she wants to share her love for a sport that has given her so much and encourage newcomers to give it a tri :)

Melody White.jpg

Melody White | Treasurer

Professional WaterGirl & TurdHerder (Drinking Water & Wastewater Specialist), WormFarming, VeggieGrowing, TentSleeping, DirtDigging, BeerDrinking, NapTaking, AnimalLoving, ScubaDiving, BassFishing, RoostRaceTeam, HomeCanning, WorldTraveling, RockyMountainMultisportTeam, TeamNuun, HoneyStingerHive, NoCo Tri, CrazyRunner & Triathlete...not necessarily in that order.


other leadership.


Jonathon Mason | Advisor

Eric Neilsen | Advisor